Our office has the capability to do trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal ultrasounds right here in the office. This gives valuable information about fetal health and provides reassurance or early warning of potential complications of pregnancy. Dr. Bartley has been using ultrasound for 26 years and brings a wealth of experience to your care. However, it is important that patients know that although ultrasound has been used for decades to assess fetal growth, no medium can guarantee complete certainty. Our office does medical ultrasound only, and will not offer keepsake or 3D ultrasounds until their safety has been thoroughly proven.

Ultrasound is also used to find potential sources of abnormal menses or pelvic pain. Because it is done in real time, we are able to pinpoint the source of discomfort with feedback from our patients, and to explain our findings within just a few minutes. In many offices, the patient has to make an appointment for ultrasound at a separate facility, and then wait for results. In-office ultrasound streamlines care and adds convenience and reassurance for our patients.